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Blog Post written by Ronel Pieterse

Ronel has 24 years corporate experience at senior levels (finance, mining, IT, manufacturing & agriculture), a B.Com degree (Business Management & IT) and postgrad Business Management (Henley). She has also started 5 small businesses over the past 20 years, 4 of which are still operational today due to her expertise in Digital Marketing. Ronel helps entrepreneurs to grow their businesses via a sustainable competitive advantage in the Digital Arena.


Here follows a list of all our Blog posts; these meaty digital marketing articles are the result of years of experience, indepth research and many days' work. They aim to provide understanding and actionable suggestions.

You can skim the headings or zoom in on the step-by-step guides, or settle down for a 6-10min read per post.

The Articles are listed by decreasing post date (most recent post first):

  • Security: Pitfalls of moving from HTTP to HTTPS -
    A lot is required to move from HTTP to HTTPS. Understand the benefits of HTTPS, the impact of switching to HTTPS and what steps are required to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. Many people switch and unintentionally harm their Google ranking...

  • Brand Name Constraints in a Digital Era -
    Branding rules were intensified a million times by Digital Marketing. If your Brand Name does not test well against this 12-point Checklist, it will Cost your Pocket! This description of the Branding Process and handy Idea Joggers are designed to...

  • A-Z of Facebook Marketing a Facebook Business Page -
    Does your Facebook Page not seem to work? Do you even need one? Dip your toe into the waters of pixel, remarketing, audiences, metrics etc. Learn the 7 reasons to have a Facebook page; 7 critical skills you need; 11 Facebook management basics; PLUS how to pre-schedule Facebook posts in advance. Bonus post cheat sheet...

  • Success is an Inside Job -
    We can share every technical secret about successful Digital Marketing with you and still, your Breath-taking Entrepreneurial Triumphs may elude you. Do you have what it takes?

  • Digital Marketing Tips, Tools & Resources
    A list of business, personal leadership and marketing books; plus handy website testing links, tools and technical how-to's...

  • The Magic of a Digital Marketing Engine to Rock your Internet Strategy -
    If you want to Increase your Income from nice clients, while decreasing your costs over time, you absolutely need to learn The Secret of a Digital Marketing Engine. The concept is simple, though these key insights...

  • Digital Distinction with USP's & Niches -
    The Internet has leveled the playing field. Anyone can have a slice of a market. You've no control; you simply can't compete any more, right? Just as you feel overwhelmed when you see the search list Google returns, so does your client, and here-in lies your salvation because...

  • Perils: Change Domain Name -> Website Porting -
    Toying with the idea of changing your website/domain name? This post will convince you to leave well alone OR give you courage. But do not miss a single one of these steps...

  • Ideal Client Avatar informs your Client & Competitor Interactions -
    If you don't know what your Perfect Prospect looks like, you are highly unlikely to craft marketing material to attract them. How you see your clients impact how they see your brand and how well your Competitors are willing and able to help you. How would you like more choice as to who you...

  • CMS vs STATIC (i.e. Template vs Custom Website Development) -
    Your small business needs an effective website. Your friends insist you do it in WordPress. The web developer talks about SEO & page-load speed. Your head hurts. It's simple if you...

  • The Business Burn-out Beast is stalking you VS Keeping Holiday Momentum -
    Almost every successful small business comes with a burnout story simmering in the background. Avoid Disaster by taking breaks and keeping business momentum while you are on holiday...


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