Short quiz will help assess your digital skills.  This also allows you free access to our website e-course.


People often work in isolation and misjudge their digital marketing understanding. Working with many entrepreneurs, we know the tell-tale indicators of digital marketing success - this quiz was crafted to provide quick clarity for least effort - to help you. Join other savvy business owners who've self-assessed and got their priority insights.

This simple, free and anonymous 12-question quiz will give you highly personalised FREE ADVICE, insights and resources to help your digital savvy get to the next level.


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Q01: Why did you get into your business?
I was unemployed / lost my job
I hated my job / don't want to work for a boss / dislike corporate culture
I have a good product/service, the right personal qualities and a passion
I thought it would be cool to flaunt owning a business

Q02: When last did you break away totally to recharge your batteries?
Within the last 6 months
More than 6 months ago
A break? What's that?

Q03: Do you have an effective website?
Yes, my website is ranking and working well
No; I have no website / my website is not effective

Q04: Do you use Analytics to see how visitors find and use your website?
No / I don't know what that is

Q05: Do you use AdWords to drive targeted traffic to your website?
Yes, some consultant set it up - it costs too much and it doesn't work
Yes, I have targeted campaigns with good click-through rates and high sales conversion
Yes, I pay a consultancy a small fortune in monthly management fees (I assume it works)
No, I don't see the point in paying for web advertising
No, I don't have a website / I don't understand what this is
No, I don't really see the need to drive more traffic to my website

Q06: Do you keep the details of every potential client you deal with?
I can't remember when last I had an enquiry or client
When people call or e-mail, I forget about recording their details
I keep all e-mails or jot down details of people who call
I regularly capture the names and e-mail addresses of client interactions into a database
What will I do with it?

Q07: Do you send regular communications to your client database?
I occasionally send a newsletter when there is a new product to push
I manually e-mail news snippets when I remember, but it's hard to copy and paste
I send out occasional newsletters, but it's a lot of work for hardly any sales
I send out regular, professional, performance-tracked e-mails to delight and inform my market
I can't think of anything I'd want to say to my clients
What database?

Q08: How well do you manage cashflow and accounts in your business?
I have a budget, a cashflow control system, and an accounting system with performance ratios
I spend my cashflow and the slips are somewhere in my car
I keep all slips which I hand to my accountant
Really? What transactions!

Q09: How effectively do you manage your tax affairs?
I just don't get the time to do my tax return
I am so behind on my tax returns, I don't know where to start
My accountant takes care of my tax affairs
I understand my accounting system, get expert advice, and receive maximum tax benefit

Q10: How do you apply the income from your business?
What income? There only seems to be expenses!
All money flowing into my bank account must be profit, so I spend it...
When I don't make a profit, I manage expenses and fund the shortfall appropriately
My income covers expenses, reduces debt and I re-invest profit in the business

Q11: How do you allocate your time to your business?
I spend most time strategising, marketing and managing; occasionally dipping into operational details
I spend most time with operational stuff; occasionally taking a step back to assess strategy
I'm running myself ragged with urgent things

Q12: When you think of your clients, how do you feel about them?
They're just faceless prospects until a sale is made
I'm excited by each new contact! My clients are great people and I love helping them
Clients can be unreasonably demanding - at times I dread client-facing interaction