We develop websites that are pretty, fast and effective.  Learn more before you just trundle into doing your own Wordpress site - get a professional website that works. Google friendly, great user Experience, intuitive with contextual menus and robust


Professional website development is non-negotiable in today's cut-throat digital marketing arena. Every second person is a Wordpress web developer and a pretty template website is not enough! Our expert web developers deliver quality, custom-built websites with measurable results to help YOU stand out from the crowd. Our mobile-friendly, fast websites are loved by Google and users. Let's build you a robust, effective and custom-coded html website now.

We develop very fast websites which helps with good SEO and Google ranking. Generally our fast website speeds exceed 95% score.

Fast Websites

Robust Clean HTML code that is put through html code validators and well-tested for robust design.

Robust Clean HTML

Mobile-Friendly Websites are non-negotiable for good SEO and at Website Silk we put a lot of testing effort into mobile friendliness of websites.

MobileFiendly Websites

We combine good coding practices with technical background work to give your website SEO the best chance of being a website ranking well on Google.

Website SEO

While website analytics is just ONE tool by which to assess your whether we've done the development of effective website for you, it's very valuable.

Website Analytics

Intuitive navigation reduces user stress and gently guides them through a website journey of discovery.  It also helps Google understand the relative importance of different pages.

Intuitive Navigation

Website UX is designed with user ease in mind, but also helps with Website SEO.

UX (User Experience)

A secure website using the https protocol is a signal to Google that we take the security of the website seriously and we implement this wherever we can.

Secure Websites

Most of our static website development is for brochure websites (informative) though we do do e-commerce websites for smaller online shops.

Online Shopping

We balance good copywriting with SEO requirements to best serve both the website user and search engines like Google.

Website Copywriting



DESIGN versus SEO:

It's an art to balance beautiful website design with the need to have it indexed and ranked well by search engines for your key phrases. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a science requiring expert web development skills and ongoing research to remain at the cutting edge of the ever-moving search engine goalposts.

The bottom line is that web users find your website if the SEO is good; visitors stay on your website if it is attractive and functional. We aim for both, though sometimes a compromise has to be reached.


We break content into a topic per page. It's less overwhelming for users, better for SEO and for improved Adwords landing page experiences. We've only once agreed to a 1 page long-form design so far, as the content was simple and logically fit into a page.

Website Analytics is a marvelous way to take a peek inside your web visitors' heads and therefore most useful on a page-per-topic web design to assess the relative importance of your different products or services, to your audience. We recommend that Analytics is included into websites from day 1.


Our websites are differentiated by speed & strategy. They're built around your brand archetype, USP's & target market. Strategy drives which web pages are needed and their goals. Beyond sales, Sustainable Competitive Advantage demands attention to secondary goals like growing audiences & brand recognition.

Bigger websites are NOT better. Website size is driven solely by strategy and need; unnecessary web pages tend to dilute your SEO score. Our websites are mostly around 10 web pages; although we do have a fully bilingual website with over 100 pages!

  • Uhm... Do you have a website?
  • Does it come up visibly on Google?
  • Does your website load in < 3 seconds?*
  • Is your website responsive and mobile-friendly?
  • Is your website up-to-date, or a legal & reputational hazard?
  • Do you get likeable, loyal clients who give good reviews and pay?

  • * "40% of users are likely to abandon a site if it doesn't load within three seconds or less" - Forbes, 2017 & 2018

Does your business website tick all these?ASK YOURSELF


Fast websites are an art and science to create.  For us, there is nothing better than seeing how our websites rank on speed tests!
Our websites get an average
speed score of 97% on 3rd party SEO testers.

Affordable Quality - Worth the Wait

Because we offer superior website development at affordable cost, there is often a waiting list for larger jobs like websites. Order yours anyway - often it takes business owners some time to source all the photos and content needed. And we're worth the wait ; )

Website cost depends on what material (photos, copy etc) you have or still need; the website's size & any unique technical needs. You get what you pay for! A professional website saves time and money in the long run. Let's custom-quote you.

Guidance & Training

If you know little about websites, we'll gently guide you through each step of the process. If you do want to be better prepared though, we offer a short Website Owners' E-Course that will teach you the terms, the critical success factors, how to prepare for a worldclass website, the difference between website platforms, what to expect from your website developers and how to know if they've done their job and more. You can access this R800 course for free once you've done our online Digital marketing Savvy Quiz.

We Deliver Fast, Responsive Websites

All our websites are fast, custom-built, responsive, mobile-friendly, reflect your marketing strategy (USPs, branding, ideal client and archetype), and includes a budget-dependent level of SEO & Analytics. Our websites offer intuitive navigation and great user experience (UX). We use a RAD (Rapid Application Development) approach to keep expectations aligned. We do constant research to find the latest website design best practices; learn more in our blog articles about Websites.

Our background technical work makes a website search-engine-friendly and our Digital Marketing Engine approach (of which your website is the foundation) helps us plan ahead for your subscriber database and Adwords campaigns.

Stress-free Delivery

We give clients individual attention. If you know what you want and provide quality material, we'll deliver a superior website on time and on quote. We love what we do, and we journey with joy.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

We provide post-go-live support as well as ongoing website maintenance on retainer or per-time basis. We can teach you how to make small changes yourself, though we strongly recommend that you stick to your key competencies and outsource the rest (retainer includes ongoing SEO tweaks too).