Entrepreneurs and small business owners are notoriously bad at delegating and getting help - don't fall into that trap - it's a recipe for failure.


If you want your business to grow, learn to delegate. Some tasks are easily outsourced with minimal risk and cost. It's a small but meaningful part of our business and even menial tasks occupy our more junior consultants which further reduces the cost to you.

Apart from the once-off expert website development, very effective Adwords Campaigns and marketing consulting we are best known for, we also offer general admin support, photography services and ongoing digital marketing retainer services.

"I highly recommend (Website Silk) for attention to detail, passion, drive and objectivity. So dedicated to achieving goals..."

Ongoing support for digital marketing retainers and website retainer services to lighten your load on a monthly basis.


Our outsourcing services are available to you once-off, or ongoing and can be for an entire function or only certain tasks.

Whether it is a specific task to outsource, or ad-hoc admin support, give it to us to do - especially if its just lurking on your to-do-list making you feel sluggish from procrastinating!

  • We offer affordable Photographic Services for your business or product.
  • We write Policies & Procedures Manuals
  • We write Training Manuals for your business
  • We write Work Profiles or ads for new employees.
  • We do Proofreading of your website, newsletter or presentation for you.
  • We do Transcription work, e.g. of a disciplinary hearing recording, meeting minutes or research survey calls you made.
  • We do marketing database updates with names & e-mail addresses of all your enquiries in a time period, or any general data capturing.
Professional photographer Knysna / Professional photographer Garden Route / Professional photographer Sedgefield.


A common mistakes seen during our marketing consulting, especially by solo operators, is the use of poor, non-representative, distorted, out-of-focus or poorly framed images in their marketing. Most prospective clients click away or assume that the unprofessional website means that they can hope for low rates.

We take, edit (if needed) and supply quality photos for your website and marketing material. We can resize your web images for faster page load speed.

We'll need to visit your business and spend enough time to be able to catch the different moods of your attractions. This may incur travel too, so let's negotiate terms to suit both parties.

Clear, representative photos are critical to fairly represent your business in it's website, brochure, prospectus and other material. Images sell; and great images sell even better. People love visual stimulation and beautiful photos attract the eye and engage the heart.

Part of delegation is to determine the menial routine tasks that someone else can do for you more cheaply than what your own valuable time costs.


Our retainer services help small business owners with ongoing management of their Digital Marketing Engine:

Website maintenance and ongoing SEO - R800pm on websites under 10 pages.

Analytics reports - R400pm - report on month's website activity plus high-level suggestions for improvement.

Adwords management - R1 000pm - weekly adjusting of bids, adding keywords & negative keywords, assessing trends etc.

Newsletter management - R1 000pm - create, send & monitor a newsletter per month.

Facebook management - R1 800pm - posts, interactions, invites at least 70% of business days.

Instagram management - R600pm - 6 posts per week in storyboard formats.

Delegate to free your business to grow beyond your own restricted skills, time and energy - it's the best marketing strategy.


Clients who are more advanced in their delegation skills often use a combination of several services.

We've created these cost-effective packages that fit into most small business budgets:

  • Social Media Retainer Package: R2 200pm - All Facebook and Instagram management.
  • Basic Retainer Package: R1 000pm - minor website updates within 3 days; basic SEO tweaking & monthly Analytics report with suggestions.
  • Popular Retainer Package: R2 800pm - as per Basic Package PLUS basic Adwords campaign tweaking & newsletter every 3 months.
  • Pro Retainer Package: R4 500pm - as per Popular Package PLUS Facebook and/or Instagram management and advanced Adwords campaign management.

Ask us now to quote you on your unique outsourcing and support retainer needs.

  • What has been lurking, heavy, on your to-do list?
  • What do you think will happen if someone supports you?
  • Is everything you have to do a passion and a strength of yours?
  • Imagine... it being done cheaper than the value of your own time?

Does your business website tick all these prerequisites to growth? ASK YOURSELF


Only a business owner can drive and lead a small business to greatness. Yet, we often find entrepreneurs who should be taking a well deserved break, or focusing on strategic issues, with their noses deep in admin!

Take some time off or strategise about the digital future of your small business instead! Apart from ongoing retainer services, we also offer affordable digital marketing services on a once-off basis to help you get something off your to-do list.

"Amazing, from beginning to end. She is excellent at what she does. Ronel guides you through the work and processes efficiently, expertly and with great care. She has a great depth of knowledge and experience and shares and teaches you with a language you can understand. I love working with Website Silk."