Ideally small business owners will use both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Adwords to help their clients find them.  If you can't do both, make sure you use a professional website developer.


For your website to be found on Google, you'll have to work with an SEO Consultant to help improve the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website. If your website appears high in Google Search results naturally, your website has good organic search rank. Such placement is free (you don't pay Google), but not guaranteed. Pay you will pay - either for expert SEO advice to help your website rank organically, or to Google Ads for Paid Search (or both). SEO ranking is primarily influenced by professional website development, including factors such as speed, responsiveness, being indexed and offering superb User Experience (UX) & intuitive navigation.

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Earn your position at the top of the search engine results pages by getting a professional website and following expert seo professional advice - our SEO consultant can help you!


Prospective clients are looking for what you offer on the internet. Internet prominence, amidst many competitors, needs to be earned. You can rise from obscurity to the first page on Google for specific search terms by implementing successful SEO. This requires absolute clarity about your marketing strategy, a superior custom-developed website and a digital partner who can help you earn high rankings across multiple search engines.

Great organic SEO means that search engines like Google or Yahoo will show your website prominently (page 1 or 2 for broad terms; top 5 for specific terms) to people who search for what you offer. Eg.: you want to be in the race when people search for "west coast physiotherapist"; and you want to be up high for "physiotherapist saldanha sport injury".

Key SEO tip: SEO is inseparable from your website design and development.

Get an SEO expert to do SEO consulting for your small business.  Affordable SEO, cheap SEO, cost-effective SEO, inexpensive SEO - you'll pay anyway, one way or another.


An SEO specialist can help with the many technical aspects and pitfalls of SEO. If you're operating in a particularly competitive field and/or you have a big goal to steal a top spot away from a competitor, top expert SEO services could cost you a lot of money as they are priced out of small business' budget reach.

You are lucky to have found an affordable digital consultant who understands how to leverage the different elements of a Digital Marketing Engine for maximum results at least cost.

SEO is a vast, complex, highly specialised field so here are a few broad SEO ideas: a fast, mobile-friendly website; accessible and well-structured content relevant to your market; great UX (User Experience) through intuitive and responsive flow; use of Google Analytics to track web visitors' search behaviour and stimulation of traffic and natural back-links to boost ranking.

You cannot play on the search engine field without paying your dues.  And SEO consultant can help you do it as cheaply as possible but it has gotta be done.


If you operate in a very small niche market without much competition, you may naturally rank high. Else you can influence webpage ranking with specific, ongoing SEO efforts - an ongoing gamble with changing goalposts.

Every year, Google changes its pagerank algorithm 500–600 times! Major algorithm updates e.g. Panda or Penguin will be released (without divulging its workings) and adversely effect previously good organic search placements. Old SEO tricks now give negative results.

SEO experts spend hours reading Google briefs and doing reverse engineering to try and figure out how a search engine determines pagerank.

If you don't want the risk, or wait, or cost of SEO, you can either pay for expensive old-fashioned print and media advertising, or you can use Adwords.


  • Do you use your USP's in your internet marketing?
  • Is your website fast, mobile-friendly and easy to use?
  • Do you understand how shoulder niches help you rank well on Google?
  • Can you find your own website online when searching like your clients would?


If we do your professional website development, we include a solid built-in SEO foundation. If you have a website already, have it assessed for SEO effectiveness (we offer assessment services). We can retrospectively fit SEO on your existing site, unless it is so ineffective or slow, that we'd advise re-development. It's best to get a custom-quote based on your website size and goals.

Generally the client provides the key words and phrases they want to rank for, related to the industry, market and niche they operate in. However, if you need help with defining the search terms & phrases you should target, make use of our digital marketing strategy & keyword research services. This art requires creative thinking, target market knowledge and keyword tools to assess the relative popularity of related terms.

We also provide ongoing monthly SEO on retainer or per-time basis.

Do something now to get your business out of the Google basement!

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