We do our very best for each client that we work with, individually.  In exchange, we ask to be treated, and paid, fairly too.


Leverage = maximum return for minimum outlay - which is only possible with affordable digital marketing fees & fair terms. Small businesses require affordable digital consulting, which is always worth it when your business is a priority.

Our general fees are R400/hour for ad-hoc consulting, excluding travel. Quoted projects are cheaper and costs are customised to your needs. Work is subject to T&C's below. We are known for great post-implementation support, and many customers outsource to us for ongoing digital marketing retainer services.

"I highly recommend (Website Silk) to assist any business owner to develop & implement a winning digital strategy for their business..."


Most brochure websites we build cost R13 000 - R15 000. We've built a 1-page website from R8800 (not recommended: poorer SEO) up to a 100+ page bilingual website for R80 000.

Costs depend entirely on your needs, number of pages, whether you can provide images and copy, revision cycles, whether realtime bookings or online shop is needed etc.

Custom website development cost more, but will definitely save in ongoing marketing costs. Get custom-quoted.


ENTRY LEVEL: R3000, built in 1 week, supported for 3 weeks. One campaign for brand exposure or a key offering. Input provided by Client. Basic training re ongoing monitoring.

MID LEVEL: R5 800, built in 2 weeks. As above, 3 campaigns for top 3 offerings.

TOP LEVEL: R15 000 - R30 000, 5-10 campaigns built in 3-6 weeks, supported for 3 months. A Google Ads paid search turn-key service: marketing strategy, keyword analysis, tweak & educate.


We do a level of SEO with every new website we build, and beyond that we also offer expert services quoted individually based on the search term/s you want to compete for online.

Doing SEO retrospectively is generally hard and sometimes impossible (it may require a new domain name; different platform, changed page names).

RETROFIT: R7500+, depending on size of website and will only be offered on stable platforms that are mobile friendly.


Website Analytics is included in every website we build.

RETROFIT: R2500+, depending on size of website and will only be offered on stable, mobile-friendly websites.

This includes your first executive summary after a month, containing powerful interpretive recommendations for the tweaking of your digital marketing. Many clients get this amount back within weeks from tweaking their websites for better retention and conversion!

"Website Silk is brilliant! Exceptional skill, coupled with an ability to really understand my industry makes them hard to beat. Super highly recommended"
Clear Terms and Conditions are very important to all small businesses; get yours in place and publically presented on a good website!


Like most of our clients, we're a small lean operation, trying to offer superb service at affordable cost to help more small businesses. This necessitates fair terms.

If our terms are not acceptable to you, we encourage you to find another organisation to assist you. Rest assured that our T&C's are also there for your protection, prompting our most individual, professional, quality service.

All quotes and work are subject to our Terms and Conditions below:


    1. Once we understand your needs, we'll provide a success roadmap for you. We issue a formal quote for each distinct phase of work. If quote is accepted, a 50% deposit is required before work will be scheduled or started.
    2. If extended requirements discovery is required, needs definition sessions will be billed for on a weekly basis, together with findings and recommendations to date. You can stop the discovery process without losing value.
    3. Once work is complete, the balance is invoiced and payable upon presentation.
    4. Full payment of the invoiced balance has to be received before deliverables, passwords etc will be released.
    5. Cancellation: If work has started after quote acceptance, you lose the deposit paid. If we receive ample notice before finishing all work, we may agree to not invoice the full balance; actual expenses (e.g. stock, travel), will be charged.
    6. Any refund made at our sole discretion will without fail incur a R500 admin fee.


    1. Travel Costs seldom apply as we do most of our work remotely, however, where required, it will incur standard AA rates, plus a fee to cover time spent.
    2. Incidentals: where a project incurs actual costs, e.g. printing of brochures or signs, courier costs, data charges in the event of unusually large volumes of data, or 3rd party services or deliverables, these will be recovered from the client in all cases, at the actual cost price.
    3. Client delay: where we lose income due to the client not being ready with materials required by the time allotted for development; a 25% surcharge, payable immediately, may apply (see below).


    1. We offer ONE FREE 40 MINUTE CONSULT. It is forfeited if you don't show or cancel it within 24 hours of appointment.
    2. Subsequent appointments not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, will be charged for at our standard consulting rate.
    3. Minimum charge of R300 regardless per appointment, regardless of how short it is.

You cannot afford NOT to spend on the marketing of your small business.  Don't become a failure statistic.

...Terms and Conditions Continued...


    1. Website Owners remain responsible for the content on their websites. Website Silk will not take responsibility should any images etc have copyright on them or should any content be found to not be truthful. We do our best, but the Website Owner knows his/her industry and material and as such remains accountable.
    2. By using our services, you agree that we may use your logo, photo and any testimonial provided, on our Website and Social Media. This also assists you in that it helps Google find, index and rank your site/page and it provides free exposure to your business.
    3. Unless specifically discussed and specified, our quotes cover one review cycle (opportunity for you to say what you need changed), after which additional time spent on rework will be charged for.
    4. If you booked us for a specific time period and then postpone, we may need to charge you a 25% surcharge on the quoted work, due immediately, if we cannot replace your time slot with other work - since this would leave us with a work gap and no income at extremely short notice.
    5. Furthermore, if you missed your development calendar spot/s because you weren't ready, we cannot let work stand over for a following financial year and will refund your deposit minus admin fee; or if you do not provide your banking details when requested, you will forfeit your deposit.
    6. Work is subject to clients providing the necessary material required and registering relevant online accounts etc (we'll guide you). The quality of our advice and deliverables are inextricably linked to the clarity and completeness of information provided to us by clients.
    7. If pertinent information should come to light after work has started that affects the size and applicability of our recommended solution, this may increase the quoted total.
    8. We deliver better when clients share their small business challenges, situation, dreams and existing issues with us openly.
    9. If required, we are happy to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) although we treat all client information in strictest confidence anyway.

    1. We accept payment via EFT or Bank Transfer only.
    2. We do NOT accept payment via credit card or cheque.
    3. A surcharge is levied on any cash or cheque deposits into our bank account.
    4. A 50% deposit is payable before work will be scheduled or started.
    5. If the total value of work exceeds R20 000, we may do it in phases or agree on payment terms to suit both parties.
    6. Invoices are payable upon presentation, i.e. reasonably within 2 business days maximum, and inflation-related interest may be charged on overdue accounts.


  • Are you serious about your business?
  • May you have a blind spot that can benefit from caring, fresh insights?
  • Will your small business become another statistic? "Almost half a million small businesses failed in South Africa 2012 - 2016. Up to 70% fail in year 1."


Not investing in your business, always costs more. We help many clients who tried to do everything themselves, but got no results.

No one expects you to know everything about all facets of business! Don't nurture a blind spot: being a topnotch psychologist / guesthouse owner / accountant / artist / pilates instructor never qualified you for setting up an affordable Google Ads!

We've worked in dozens of industries; we've helped doctors / sport coaches / hairdressers / health product manufacturers / coaches / SHEQ consultants / landscapers / spiritual coaches / farmers / schools / game lodges with their professional website development and digital marketing!

Let's help YOUR businesses succeed online.

"I worked extensively with Ronel for a month on a hand-over project for my online tourism business. I was super impressed with Ronel's knowledge of digital marketing, including website development, SEO optimization, Google AdWords and Social Media integration. She knows how to align the online strategy with the business strategy and how to make money from it."