We work on a personal, individual basis with an entrepreneurial mindset, which helps to attain our 100% Satisfaction rate.  We have 35 years' experience in at least 16 industries with over 8000 followers.


The Website Silk green brand was developed in 2016 by Ronel Pieterse by consolidating several small consulting services (some operating since 1989) under one umbrella. You may have used Dolos Consulting, B&B Computing or Small Business Volution in the past.

With over 35 years of consulting experience between us, we're a small, sustainable team empowering small business success. As small business owners of successful start-ups ourselves, we empathise with the multi-tasking life of an entrepreneur!

Connect with us to enjoy 1 free consultation on Digital Marketing advice, or to assess the possibility of us relieving you of a to-do headache.

"Thank you for the friendly voice when we spoke on the phone and the stunning website..."

All the associations you may have with silk: strong, soft, smooth, stable, smart and lasting - that's Website Silk!


We bring you silky smooth implementations of strong, stable systems...
We'd love to connect with you (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm excluding holidays).

Call us if you need a fast, custom website or digital marketing expertise and please leave a message if we are busy? 076 957 3734 (If unavailable, please sms)

Skype chat is preferred by many due to less reliance on consistent connectivity. breakthrough_28

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Offices in Knysna and the West Coast but... we work with clients everywhere in South Africa and beyond!


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Our ideal clients are self-aware, evolving, sustainably-minded and willing to pay for quality solutions.


We are responsible, hard workers who prefer to connect 1:1. We choose to work for ourselves, in a sustainable natural setting.

We donate at least 10% of our time on research to source the latest, simplest solutions available. Our core team is small and we pull in long-trusted co-experts where needed on projects.

Our clients are great at what they do, they evolve and tend to seek authentic success in their lives and work. We work well with clients who like to co-create something meaningful that will make a difference to their clients too (talk about a leverage effect!)

Our success roadmap is designed to empower these small business owners to succeed.

  • Do you feel supported?
  • Who listens to your business problems with interest?
  • When last did you work with someone who delivered quality, on time?
  • How would it feel to just offload digital marketing items on your To-Do List?

Does your business tick all these?ASK YOURSELF

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the main Services you Excel at?

We offer Business and Marketing Consulting in general, and specialise in Digital Marketing cornerstones like Website Development, Adwords Campaigns & Growth tools like E-mail Marketing.

Do you only help clients on the Garden Route and West Coast?

We want to help as many small businesses succeed as possible, so we work with clients everywhere. We work remotely using Skype, e-mail etc. which helps keep costs down for our clients, reduces our eco-footprint and so reach more entrepreneurs. We can meet with you in person in the Garden Route and West Coast areas as our availability allows.

Can you help us get funding / start-up capital?

While we can help you refine a concept or to write a business plan for a new business, we are NOT equipped to help you fund your start-up. Various banking and government initiatives offer funding - IF your business idea is sound and well presented.

What Training or Courses do you offer?

Follow our Facebook Page or subscribe to our free informative newsletters to stay abreast of our educational Blog Posts.

Our ground-breaking course on website sourcing & management for business owners (worth R380), is free to you if you do our short anonymous self-assessment.

I already have a website - how can I fix it?

We assist with maintenance of existing small business websites. If you have a little technical savvy, we can also teach you how to make basic changes to your website yourself. However, if your website is very poorly written, ineffective or using archaic methodology, we will decline or offer to re-develop a website for you.

Why don't you work for a corporate where you'd earn a lot more?

Excellent question. Many CHOOSE entrepreneurship due to a clash of ethics & values; wanting to be self-determining; burning to develop a niche; not wanting to sit in traffic or time-wasting meetings; not wanting to report to someone else or wait on others for deliverables; or simply to work from home, or remotely, or in pj's. Guess how many of the above apply to us : )

I desperately need help but I'm too overwhelmed to fit in another appointment...

...and burning out will clear your calendar and undo all your hard work! We help in small manageable steps that will immediately relieve you of some to-do list tasks. Talk to us; a chat with a fellow-entrepreneur can often shift things.

Another Question?

Please connect for the fastest answers to your questions. We really enjoy hearing from you!

"Website Silk: Excellent Project Management of a network of experienced consultants. They delivered a superb Marketing Strategy"