Organic business growth; green business principles; eco-friendly business; sustainable business practices; business sustainability.


We offer digital marketing via a sustainable, green business - our office is off the grid. We collect rain water, generate solar electricity, re-use our gray water, compost & recycle, tend organic veggies, free-range chickens and bees.

Working remotely, we reduce our carbon footprint. We are locavores and use a minimalist approach. Our social responsibilities include volunteering at animal shelters and informal educational initiatives in our community. Sustainable business practices include eco-friendliness! Small steps of many, outweigh the perfect efforts of few...

If you think about it, the same mind-set that makes for sustainable small business, is what makes for green eco-friendly approaches.  We do it all as green as we can.
Business growth strategies, to us, has a much broader meaning  :)
Website Silk is a sustainable business with eco-friendly practices.  Come join us on the journey to a better mother earth for our children!


  • Is your offering elegant & green?
  • How many months can you survive without water & income?
  • What kind of earth are your business practices leaving our kids?
  • "Companies, no matter how small, can’t afford not to be sustainable, particularly those... that rely heavily on one of the world’s biggest polluters - the internet." - Forbes, 2018


Our eco-friendly mindset affects our clients in various ways: We aim for simple, elegant Website Development and a sustainability focus permeates everything we do.

A green approach to business is now a key competitive advantage in business; consumers are starting to select & remain loyal to suppliers based on their impact on our planet - for you, this can mean survival through tough economic times!

If we're overwhelmed with work and need to select a client to help at a point in time, we'll favour clients with a similar sustainable approach.

The only thing better than a small business boom, is a GREEN small business boom!

"Ronel is a multifaceted persona with a rare mix of high intelligence, superb competence, peppered with whimsical & magical energy."