Small business consulting is affordable; general small business consulting is cheap - make use of our business consulting services.


Many entrepreneurs avoid business and digital marketing consulting services, imagining laborious work sessions, thick documents and a large bill, or they've burnt their fingers with self-proclaimed "consultants" in the past. By contrast, we've been formally trained in Business Consulting, IT Consulting & Digital Marketing Consulting. We know that entrepreneurs can be notoriously self-directed, but we can help you with your blind spots.

Most know us for our great websites, Adwords results and digital marketing. Decades of consulting experience have crafted us into expert business consultants who offer affordable, simple, straightforward, honest and independent advice.

"It is the first time someone has taken the time to LISTEN, really listen to what my desires are and my business-heart wants... Unlike any other consultant she just knows and 'gets it'. What an absolute pleasure!
A great team put their strengths together!  Do what you do well, and we will do for you what you don't do well.


Most business challenges are solved by more income via a great website or better-targeted ad campaigns. Beyond that, our consulting services cover functional business areas:

Steps to responsible business approaches
Business owners have blind spot when it comes to their small businesses - get independant advice.


Strategy Consulting - beyond a broad marketing strategy, it includes the personality, geography and niche gaps present in our client's sphere. We creatively scan what is similar, different, unique & challenging; a prerequisite to a successful Business Plan.

Business Consulting - most like traditional consulting touching on the who/what/when/where/how of functional business areas, but informal and to the point.

Survival Coaching - we take it upon ourselves to offer survival advice frequently. Many small businesses cease to operate: not through lack of profit, but because the small business owner burns out, or worse, becomes critically ill. Wearing too many hats, not asking for help, not using tools & techniques to decompress and destress, not taking vacations, not keeping balance in family-work-fun - this impacts business success! Small businesses only exist because of small business owners. Self-care is a small business success secret - to outlast your competition!

SME's often fail due to lack of seeking strategy, business or marketing consulting advice - get help now!


IT Consulting - your web strategy as well as IT tools for your industry (e.g. Nightsbridge in Hospitality Services). A simple spreadsheet can become a key tool, or you may need an e-commerce solution with a shopping cart.

Operational Consulting - a common small business weakness is for a business owner to know what's cooking in the business - in his or her head! Every business should have an operational manual of processes to be followed by someone standing in for the business owner in case of illness, vacation or worse. Operational process flows are tweaked for efficiency gains.

Financial Consulting - no entrepreneur survives for long without a budget. We set up a basic budgeting tool for you and train you on it. We also recommend Luminous Instant Accounting offered free to FNB business account holders - it saves hours of work and keep you up-to-date with your small business accounting and tax/vat returns.


  • What processes are giving you headaches right now?
  • Are you open to a fresh perspective that could create a breakthrough?
  • Are your business processes efficient and your cost structures streamlined?


Good business consulting and digital marketing consulting are about listening well and leveraging limited resources for maximum benefit of your business. It is about best practices, and about independent perspectives to overcome any blind spot you may have. It's about streamlining and creating a lean framework for better profitability.

We're on your side!

"Amazing, from beginning to end. She is excellent at what she does. Ronel guides you through the work and processes efficiently, expertly and with great care. She has a great depth of knowledge and experience and shares and teaches you with a language you can understand. I love working with Website Silk."